Saturday, November 8, 2014

Gamer Bill of Rights (Version 2)

Recently there's been some discussion of a Gamer Bill of Rights, to lay out the basic expectations for treatment that GamerGate members expect. I found some problems with it in a recent reading, and decided to lend my writing and critical thinking expertise to the GamerGate cause, and revise it into a concise 2.0 form. Note that I am perfectly qualified to do this, as GamerGate allows anyone to speak for them, all it takes is inclusion of a little hashtag. I chose to format this Gamer Bill of Rights on a document from a little nation you may have heard of, the United States of America. Enjoy!

First Article: For each genre of game there shall be a reviewer on each reviewing staff who is inclined to enjoy those games. Only a reviewer who enjoys Dynasty Warriors, for example, is truly qualified to judge a game like Dynasty Warriors in a legitimate way. Outsider opinions are damaging to the Sacred Industry of Holy Gaming, because low review scores of any game are an egregious offense to fans of that game, and whichever game has the best review scores is the greatest game of all time, objectively. A bad review of any game that any True Gamer enjoys is to be punished by expulsion from the game journalism industry.

Second Article: The game journalism industry shall make no choices, nor have any opinions, regarding the future direction the industry should go, or any way in which the industry might change. The direction of gaming is to be decided wholly by the gamers themselves, the true vanguard of the industry, protectors of the integrity and purity of gaming, and defenders of the holy priests of the industry: Publishers. Furthermore game journalists shall have no power to block, ban, downvote, or otherwise impede the free speech of any gamer. All pages which express an idea about gaming shall have a free and open comment section, only to be moderated by the community which chooses to participate in that comment section. Any person who has a problem with the content of said comment sections shall remove thyself from it and pretend it does not exist. Any curator or creator of content who's page is being discussed shall have no right to an opinion regarding the discussion of his content on his own page. Any action taken to stifle this discussion in any way, shape, or form, regardless of the damage done to the content it is attached to or the person it is directed at, shall be punished by expulsion from the industry.

Third Article: No True Gamer engages in harassment. Therefore any person found to be harassing any fellow gamer is to be shunned and banned from the community, but only if True Gamers decide that the actions taken constitute harassment. And if the person being harassed deserves it. And if the harassers commit the harassment while flying a gamer-related flag or hashtag. And if the harasser is not a prominent gamer themselves. And if the person being harassed is not already a person being targeted for expulsion from the gaming community. And if the person being harassed has expressed negative opinions of any kind toward any other group of human beings or games, ever. And if the harassment is followed by the actual physical harm. Only then will harassment be TRUE Harassment, and only then shall action be taken to stop it.

Forth Article: A Great Council shall be formed of all True Gamers. The purpose of this council shall be to police and punish all threats to gaming coming from inside or outside of the gaming community. A constant watch shall be maintained on all media for any sign of bias or corruption, which shall be punished immediately with public shaming, loss of employment, and expulsion from the gaming community, forever and ever. The members of this council shall not be dictated by any single entity, but rather it shall be a natural body of gamers formed by common goal and interest. Please note that this body is unbiased, unopinionated, and apolitical. Any appearance otherwise is an attack on this council and shall be met with appropriate punishment.

Fifth Article: Any power not delegated in this document to True Gamers is to be assumed to be delegated to Ttue Gamers anyway. Gamers are the alpha and omega of the gaming community. All indie developers, journalists, reviewers, editors, and the mainstream media all owe their existence to gamers, and will therefore only take actions or express opinions that are in line with the thoughts of True Gamers. True Gamers respect and value AAA developers, AAA publishers, and unbiased review outlets such as Game Informer who make gaming possible, and shall protect with their lives freedom of expression and from any criticism of their art.

Sixth Article: The enumeration in this Bill of Rights, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage any True Gamer of his or her rights. This document and the ideas within simultaneously represent the pure intent of all True Gamers and the intent of no single True Gamer. All critics of True Gamers shall respect each gamers' right to cherrypick which causes and beliefs to support at any given moment, and shall not disrespect any gamers' right to switch sides on any issue at any given moment. Any criticism of any gamer which does not come from a place of good faith and two-way debate is intellectual dishonesty, and shall be punished by ridicule and disbarring from the gaming community.

Note that this is not a complete list! This is a true work in progress, and it is certainly open any further Amendments. Please forward any such amendments or ideas for improvement to my twitter @andrewlion19. Thank you!